A brief log of our 50 state journey in 2018

Road trip status as of 06/18/2021:

Interactive Map

We visited all 50 states in 2018. I wish I could say that we did the "big ticket item" in each state. But at some point halfway through the trip, I realized that doing all of the best things in each state was not a realistic goal for just six months of travel.

Instead, we started going with the flow more. I fit most of this trip into the summer of 2018. I reminded myself that little kids are involved, so it should be about fun and accomplishment, not about the stress of completing everything there is to do. So some things, like the Grand Canyon, we missed... but we'll be back! I'll see it again another time. Cultivating this mindset was the key to letting the good times roll.

Here's a list of the highlights. I'll be making a documentary with all of the footage I've collected.

That's not all, but it gives a taste of the more noteworthy stuff.

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