We're on a mission to see 50 states in 2018

Road trip status as of 10/23/2020:

We're seeing 50 states in 2018. I wish I could say that we are doing the "big ticket item" in each state. But at some point halfway through the trip, I realized that doing all of the best things in each state is not a realistic goal.

Instead, we started going with the flow more. I am fitting most of this trip into a single summer and I also must remind myself that little kids are involved. It's about fun and accomplishment, not about the stress of completing everything there is to do. So I missed the Grand Canyon... not a big deal. I'll see it again another time. Cultivating this mindset has been key to letting the good times roll.

Here's a list of the highlights so far. I'll be making a documentary with all of the footage I've collected.

That's not all, but it gives a taste of the more noteworthy stuff.

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